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About Me... 

As a child, I was surrounded by good people. I come from parents who's sole beliefs revolve around doing good for others. When I was still in elementary school, I remember that a family's house in our community burned down. They had lost nearly everything, but what I saw after that was something truly inspirational. My parents decided to let the family stay with us until they could get back on their feet. They even got the rest of the community to pitch in and help them with all they needed.

It was not only my parents who did so much good, but also my brothers. Being the youngest of three, I always looked up to my brothers and wanted to be just like them. They are both much older than me, but would always include me in their hangouts with their friends and all of their pickup sports games. Along with all of the fun times I've had with them, I always remembered them helping others. The simplest of things such as holding the door open for someone or helping them with groceries.  I liked what I saw 

One person in particular who has inspired me so much is my brother, Nico. He's super athletic, super kind, and super caring. But something different about him, is that he was born with a birth defect that prevented him from walking. When I was born NIco was in a wheelchair.  I remember being in and out of doctors offices and him having surgeries, he wasn't supposed to walk. But as Nico always does, he defied the odds and was able to not only walk but he became a star athlete, playing multiple sports and winning many awards...


What made my brother more special is that once he was able to walk again, he began to participate in many fundraisers through school and in the community. One of his favorites was HOPS. This is a program for special needs kids, teaching them to play sports and interact with others as a team. Ironically, the kid who wasn't supposed to walk, defied the odds, and gave back by teaching others who were less fortunate than him, the skills of playing sports. Along with this, he has always been there for me for all of my events to support me and put a smile on my face. 

As you can see, I am blessed to have come from such a great family and they are who have given me the spark and inspiration I needed to create Live For A Cause and inspire others.

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