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Birthday For A Cause 



Visiting Family Promise was really hard. 

It saddened me very much to know that there are people, especially kids, that are homeless and they live here in Hunterdon County.  Family Promise runs the shelter for homeless  families.  There are moms, dads and their kids.  Family Promise does a really good job of trying to make the families feel comfortable.  Everything they have is donated by generous people. The woman that work there spend all their time trying to get all the things that the families need and they try to help them find a  place to live. There are kids that live there, the same age as me.  That was very hard for me to see.  I never thought of what it must be like to be homeless until that day. 

It was also the day that I knew I was changed forever. I knew that even though I am just a kid, I could do something... I was going to do something. 




Most of the time kids hate having a December birthday. As did I, until, the idea came to me! I started to think that this wasnt such a bad thing. 

I could use my Birthday gifts to give for Christmas gifts to the kids in the shelter.  Afterall, they needed them more than me. 

I realized, I needed nothing. 


So I asked some friends to gather for my Birthday and asked them to buy a gift for one of the six kids in the shelter instead of for me. 

They were all happy to do it and help out as well. 

The ladies at Family Promise gave us a list of three things each kid would like and my friends were so generous that we were able to give each kid a large bag filled with presents. 












 It felt so good when I dropped them off. 

                   I dont know that I ever felt that good in my life!


This was the card my friends and I created to attach to all the gifts we gave to the kids in the shelter.

The kids who are now our friends too.



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