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Party For A Cause 

Here is the delivery of all donated items from  Mateo's Halloween party to the Flemington Food Pantry. Maryann Isham, the executive director, gives Mateo  a tour and explains the full operation of the pantry.






Mateo Hollain, 11, hosted a Halloween party at on Oct. 25 at his home in Readington Township.

Mateo is the youngest of three boys and each one hosted a Halloween party once they got to Readington Middle School. Mateo couldn't wait to get to middle school so he too could have the annual Hollain Halloween Bash.

The only difference is that he asked if he could use this party to help do something good. After discussing a few different organizations that were in need, he decided on the food pantry because he had noticed that the bin in the sixth-grade wing, which contains donations for the pantry, was only half way full, so he figured if he asked everyone to bring an item to donate, he could fill a bin.

The invites went out and he labeled his party, ‘Mateo's Halloween Party With A Cause.’ On the invite, he requested that each person bring donations for the Flemington Food Pantry. Mateo said as the news traveled through school about his party, kids were excited but thought it was a little different that he was asking for donations. Anyway, the night of the party he filled not only one bin but probably 5-6 bins with the amount of food received.

They were all taken back by what they had helped to do, all while having fun. Mateo is already working on his next cause.













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