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 Those of you that know me, know how much I love soccer! I am part of a great team here in Readington.

In October of last year, Readington held a soccerfest at Summer Rd Park

My teammates and I spray painted our hair orange and had bats and spiders painted on our faces.  It was reallycool!

Our team was playing strong but something went wrong and I took a really bad twist and fall.

I landed very hard on my lower head and neck.  When I hit the ground I was dizzy

 All I could feel is tingling and I couldn't move.  The coaches were talking to me but I didnt even feel

like I could talk.  My mom told me the rescue squad was coming and it would be ok.  Before I knew it,  Mr. Giordano, (who is a veteran rescue and fireman) and The Whitehouse Rescue squad came and had  a board under my back and wrapped my neck so that it could not move.  I was really scared but Mr. Giordano and The Whitehouse Rescue Squad treated me really well.  My mom says that life can change in a minute and l felt like mine definitly did.

 I was really lucky,

I only had a sprained neck and back muscle but I was ok. 

I could not thank The Whitehouse Rescue Squad enough for how they helped me. 

I will always volunteer to help them









The Buffalo Watch was a great success this year!

Thanks to all the volunteers and all the families that came out to support

The Rescue Squad.

It was alot of fun!

Volunteer to help out next year and tell them Mateo sent you. 

They can always use more help. 

Job Done...Great day!.

The Whitehouse Rescue Squad is a non-profit, career/volunteer agency that provides Emergency Medical & Rescue Services to Readington Township as well as parts of Clinton Township and Tewksbury Township.

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