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I do a lot of work for the homeless shelter, food pantry, and our first responders. But we can't forget about the men and women who made our world what it is today. I have a grandfather who fought for our country and from hearing his stories, I know what veterans have gone through and how important they are to all of us. I just wanted to put together a dinner to be able to serve them after the way that they served us. 

All of the volunteers and I were honored to have been able to talk to and serve our veterans. Many of them had interesting stories and were extremely kind to us. 

Thank You to Haley Lozak for hand making this amazing banner!

Another thank you to Michelle Pastor for creating this beautiful pull apart cake!

Secondly, thank you to Mr. Murtagh, a retired South Plainfield LT, for dusting off the old DJ equipment and donating his time for the veterans!


I was honored to have been able to meet Gene Moretti. He is and outstanding WWII veteran who has just celebrated his 100th year! Thank You for your service Mr. Moretti.

To kick off the night, everyone had to stand up and salute the flag to honor our great nation. 

The food was a big hit for the night. Thank you to Carrlucci's Bistro for donating majority of the food and The Rail for donating the rest of the food. Dinner was amazing!

It was finally time to call all of the prize winners for the tricky tray and the door prizes. Thank you to all of the businesses who donated a prize. Almost every veteran left with a prize that night which left me in awe. Congratulations to the only woman veteran to attend the dinner. Thank you for your service!

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